“Identity is Theft”*

Featuring : Identity Theft

Identity Theft - Night Workers - cover

Last week we shared the Identity Theft remix of Group Rhoda‘s Disappearing Ground. Just before that we were given a glimpse at the web of collaborations and influences that informed that collaboration. Through a garden of forking Bandcamps we made our way down one path and back to 2011. There we discovered Night Workers, the album that Identity Theft put out that year after recording for three. And lo, it was exceptionally fucking good.

Strange that discovering a two year old webpage can now feel like archaeology, but there you go.

Night Workers is an exquisite anthology of 20JFG’s lost love. From stark b/w artwork through to minimal synth workouts and ambient experiments. It straddles that late 70s/80s moment of keyboard led experimentation that occupied the b-sides of big bands and both sides of great bands. Full of fear and beauty; enlightenment and persecution.

If there were a film about first contact by chance happening under a totalitarian regime, then Night Workers has the track for you. An Arctic circle romance set against a backdrop of grain liquor and multiple murderous — Night Workers has you covered. A soft focus funeral interrupted by angles who are really demons, drowning in a flooded chapel well…

Nibiru is the name given to a planetary body that will — certain doomsday cults believe — smash into the earth in 2003…or 2012, and wipe us all out. Or pass by and reverse the poles. On of the two. If there were to be observers for this terrifying event, and if they were to sit back in their zero-g recliners in front of the their panoramic views of the coming destruction, and if they were to sip their Yamazaki 50 year old single malt, they may chose to listen to something akin to this:

Identity Theft – Nibiru

Nibiru is taken from Identity Theft’s 2011 album Night Workers. You can get it here and you really, really should.

*the title is a too-good-to-pass-up crib from Identity Theft’s page for Night Workers.