Stuart Braithwaite is neither cute nor fluffy

Featuring : My Panda Shall Fly


(artwork is by Hollis Brown Thornton)

The new Mogwai album is called Rave Tapes. It’s probably quite good, but not as good as the new My Panda Shall Fly, which is called Tape Tekkno.

For a start, there probably isn’t rave on the new Mogwai album.

That’s one point to My Panda Shall Fly. Mogwais are cute, fluffy things – Pandas are also cute, though sadly unable to fly unaided.

Stuart Braithwaite is neither cute nor fluffy. MPSF’s Suren Seneviratne is both.

That’s two points to My Panda Shall Fly.

Tape Tekkno is some seriously awesome hypnagogic rave – it somehow resists being danceable despite having all the moves of the most elegant techno. It makes us feel nostalgic, warm, sleepy – it sounds like it was genuinely copied across from several generations of much-loved, ever-fading cassettes. It’s intensely and weirdly evocative.

My Panda Shall Fly – Dark No

There are no obvious retro strategies, but it does that whole ‘psychedelicising our childhoods’ thing better than chillwave types ever quite managed. More than anything, this My Panda Shall Fly album is just a deeply beautiful, imaginative, strange little artefact that exists quite happily in its own world.

3-0 to My Panda Shall Fly.

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