The Glory of Your Cosmic Irrelevance


When, in 1972, the Cthulhu cult made an infomercial* to promote their progressive forest based invocation ceremonies they reached out across time to the licensing department at Moon Glyph. Once the envelope — made up of folds so geometrically impossible that three postmen went insane in the process of delivering it — arrived, it was swiftly ripped open and tossed on a fire lest it contaminate the office. Inside  — written in a grey/purple hue – was a licensing deal based entirely around the exchange of small wooden carvings. Unfortunately, due to the laissez faire approach to time keeping by the immortal cult,  Moon Glyph had to wait several years for Million Brazilians to actually record the music in question but when they did, everyone agreed it was very fitting.

Namelessly sad, with a fine accompaniment of apocalyptic guitar wailing in the background. Murky percussion under a haunting, indistinct chant that wearily reaches out over aeons. Beautiful and scarred in a way that only those who have glimpsed the face of the old gods can know.

Million Brazilians – Untitled II

This is taken from Million Brazilians’ album Wet Dry Jungala which is a co-release between Moon Glyph and Psychic Sounds Research.  You can get it here right now.

*the snappily titled: The Glory of Your Cosmic Irrelevance in the Face of the Old Ones: Climate Change, Nuclear Armageddon and you.