20JFG podcast: Way Through



There are days, in that period where English Autumn greets biting Winter, when the cold, the damp, the grey and the ochre come together like a synesthesic brew that intensifies our sensations and sharpens our memories, helping them cut through the psychic barriers of the everyday, and transforming our day into a ramble down grounds in spatial-temporal flux , swept by ghosts from the past and feelings that are part history, and part dream, ours and our forebears’.

In other words, these days do to us the same as Way Through’s wonderful music, and this mixtape that they kindly put together for us.  As usual, you can guess/identify the songs on the side if you are so inclined.

Way Through 20JFG Mixtape

You can get Clapper is Still here.

We also use this occasion to congratulate Chris and Clare (Way Through) for TEN years of Upset The Rhythm, living proof of the power of cool + positivity, vanquishers of the evil forces of irony that so often threaten London’s karma, and summoners of many a wonderful sound creature now hosted in 20JFG’s playlist, and also our hearts.

Thank you! Here’s to another 10, at the very least!

And a small warning

Our posting schedule in the run-up to Christmas will be somewhat erratic. Apologies. But don’t worry, there are reasons for this, all will be explained, and worth it for you.