The Fall-Outer Church

Featuring : Europ Europ + German Army


This is the tenth time that 20jazzfunkgreats features German Army in its pages. Let’s have a party!

And what would this party be like?

A literal interpretation of their music brings to mind images of slowly turning wheels that propel instruments whose purpose is to cut your flesh.

A mythical interpretation involves glimmers of H.R. Giger-esque avatars circulating in silence over devastated badlands.

A socio-economic interpretation would see parallels between their sluggish doom and roll and the complex circumvolutions with which technological trajectories tear civilisations apart like exterminating angels. The clatter and click of multifaceted insects spying on your every act from their information hives.

These implications and suggestions metamorphose across domains like multi-dimensional homometabolous slake moths. And they add up to a post-punk party of politicised ambient, existential horror and vicious jacking. The kind of party that Throbbing Gristle would have thrown if they had been more into dub-reggae. A party where movement is to dance what J.G. Ballard is to sci-fi.

Our kind of party.

German Army – Communion Arm

German Army’s Last Language was featured in our 2013 adventure. But perhaps you died before getting to them. So here goes. You can purchase the record from A Giant Fern.

Here is the video Major Outlet, also in the record, which we are proud to premiere. You can watch previous German Army videos here.


Listening to Europ Europ’s ‘Repeating Mistakes in Life’ is like spinning the dial of a radio to surf the ether above Interplay Entertainment interpretation of Central-Europe’s apocalypse, just before venturing out of our nuclear shelter.

The songs portray landmarks in an uncanny valley between melody and noise, structure and entropy, man and machine. All sense becomes dissonance. Is that a number station or an obsessive ritual? A desperate lullaby morphs into a synthetic shriek, blades of distortion an acid house bass-line. Shit gaze is flayed, its entrails displayed in a metal table, where they transform into iron filings and dust.

There becomes here. The shadows that live in these places outside spill into our refuge and engulf us. We become a moment of beauty drowned in noise, the spectre of a song playing in someone else’s radio.

Europ Europ –  Not The Best Lie I’ve Had

Repeating Mistakes in Life is coming out on Enfant Terrible in the middle of February.