Quantum 4-track

Lewis L'Amour

The Lewis album is one of those enduring limited press mysteries whose information vacuum begs 20JFG to fill it.  What is known is that Lewis isn’t the artists real name; he may/may not have been a stockbroker in the 80s; the album came out in 1983.  That’s about it.  The stockbroker pouring his cocaine soul into a an ethereal LP of love songs sounds like something we’d make up, therefore I’m buying it.

The wine bar at the edge of the universe vibe is in full effect throughout thanks to the minimal genius of placing synths over either a torch-song piano or folksy guitar.  It’s Nebraska if Nebraska existed at the loving intersection of human and machine consciousness.

I Thought the World is a love song hiding in plain sight.  Its piano and synth are plaintive in the way music for a lover can be but the lyrics, though right up front, are muttered in just such a way as to be mostly unintelligible. You wonder whether the yearning expressed is for a lover or simply the idea of love, just out of reach to the dislocated Lewis.

If Dean Stockwell had somehow managed to get David Lynch to direct the episode of Quantum Leap where Sam spends the whole time on a beach glimpsing all the lovers from all the leaps — this’d fit right in.

Lewis – I Thought The World of You

The mp3 above was taken from a rip of the original press of Lewis’s album L’Amour.  Light in the Attic are re-releasing this on vinyl on June 24th and you can pre-order it here.