La quinta marcha


One of your humble 20JFG scribes has recently attended several weddings in Spain, and has a partner learning Spanish and therefore listening to the classics of Spanish pop. There is no way in which he could have avoided the invasion of his sounds-space by Mecano, that legend of Spanish new wave.

This is to be welcomed, for he has a very soft spot for Mecano. Going beyond the formal pop perfection of many of their hits, theirs was the first show he attended when he was very wee, with this mom, and he has vivid memories of Ana Torroja prancing in the stage and everybody going nuts.

Perhaps this changed his life. Bands like Mecano, who do pure mainstream pop with an arty twist often are the first hit of a gateway drug into weird musical universes like those your scribe now inhabits. They are a bridge.

Me Cole En Una Fiesta is a perfect example of this. It could also work as a secret weapon with devastating impacts in the arsenal of the italo/europop/bubblegum DJ, especially if the dancefloor features members of the Spanish economic diaspora, in which case the whole situation can turn into a Spanish wedding style situation, which is something that any DJ in his or her right mind would seek to induce.

Mecano – Me Cole en una Fiesta

This was Mecano’s second single, and is included in their self/titled 1982 debut. The B-side is also a pretty great hysteric Europop instrumental.

Mecano – Boda En Londres


If we had grown up in Mexico we’d probably have similar feelings for Monterrey’s Fandango, whose ‘Autos, Moda y Rock and Roll’ provides the kind of framework atop dance crazes are generated, and youth movements kick-started.  We didn’t grow up in Mexico, so we discovered them via GTA V’s excellent East Los 106.2.

Fandango – Autos, Moda Y Rock N Roll

Which was included in their second album, with that title.

Jessy Bulbo was also included in that same radio station. Maldito’s has enough spunky vitalism to make Thee Headcotees jealous, and the video features the most awesome scenes of Aztec ramoniac raving we have ever seen. More aspirational scenarios for the DJs and promoters out there.