Pop Art Techno


(art is by Jonathan Lichtfeld.)

We first met our friend Teru when he came all the way from Berlin to Brighton to play XXJFG’s social spot of choice, The Outer Church.

Here are some things 20JFJuan wrote about that – fatally under-attended, but mesmerising – show.

We first heard Teru, transmitting sounds from his home of Tokyo over that internet, that were so beautiful we made a three-tape set by him – under the name Cherry – one of the first releases on XXJFG spin-off enterprise Blue Tapes.

Since then, Teru has introduced us to the perfect noise-pop of Melbourne’s The Leisure, and he’s now let us on in a collaborative project – check!!! – featuring his friend tec.

check!!! – Untitle01

Though they don’t seem to have posted anything new in a year or so, no doubt due to geographical reasons (one in Berlin, the other in Tokyo), it’s worth driving the cult of XXJFG towards their Soundcloud because the best bits of check!!! rival the best bits of Teru’s solo music as Cherry.

Kind of pop art techno – sequences of bleeps rising into whole blinking skyscrapers of lights and sounds. Moving, pretty, full of brave hearts.

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