The Gates of Summer

Featuring : Mark Barrott


You can feel that warm glow between the sphinx up there.  Nestled between the darkness and the blue-black sky.  Summer is coming.

It’s that time of year again when Brighton (and Hove) does the metaphysical Transformer thing and shakes itself from its rusting sodden slumber, makes some clanking noises, throws out a few plastic tables and assumes its true form.  It’s a magical time, a hot primordial fluid from which, for a few special days at its height, we can pretend that Balearic is a physical possibility on our reactionary isle.

And when we do pretend we can pretend in the embrace of Mark Barrott, our favourite purveyor of sun-kissed sounds through his International Feel label.


The latest from International Feel is an album under Mr Barrott’s own name.  And what a work of distilled Balearic bliss it is.

Mark Barrott – Dr Nimm’s Garden of Intrigue & Delight

If it’s possible for a song to sound like light streaming through leaves; soft focus and grainy — then here we are.  A simple and delicate porch song.  Lots of playful crash zooms and laughing people in glistening bays.  There’s actual sunlight trapped in there, I swear it.  It has captured the soul of the summer and brought it on holiday with us.

Sketches From an Island is out on June 2nd and you can pick it up from Boomkat* right here.

*other record stores are available.