(colour is #fed2ef from the prettycolors tumblr)

Following our recent tape loop epic from Chemiefaserwerk, XXJFG is proud to present… yet another tape loop epic!! This time from our astral bro Plains Druid.

You may remember Plains Druid for such blissed out ambient classics as Super Real Islands on Blue Tapes, or the possibly even more blissed out and classic Ooh Child Hymn To Strength on Little League Records.

Now he returns from one of his frequent vision quests not only with a new album ready to drop any time now but with this piece of gorgeousness crafted exclusively for XXJFG!

Plains Druid – Tape Experiment with Guitar

Bonus track comes courtesy of a Skinny Puppy side-project from 2003 that also boasts a strange Nirvana connection…?

cEvin Key/Ken Marshall – Ambient Fruit (chapter 2)