Blood and lasers

Featuring : Xunholm


Skrot up deposited a feast of unholy delights on us recently which we’re still trying to process.  No doubt a few more will crop up on the blog over the coming weeks.

But it’s Halloween so not going with a track called Blood in her Mouth just wouldn’t be…right.  Whose blood is in her mouth, remains unresolved.

We’re in full on Giallo territory here.  Propulsive percussion that mirrors the heart, pumping blood, from a wound to the neck, as you run, and the blood-loss causes you to hallucinate impossible geometry.  It’s that horror synth sound that is all adrenaline and terror rather than jump-scare and gore.  If terrified people running through backlit foggy streets  was a sport, this would be its theme.

Xunholm – Blood in her Mouth

Blood in her Mouth is taken from Xunholm’s album, Asleep in the Shattered Mirror.  It’s out now and you can order the tape / digital editions right here.

Side note: Xunholm is Jason Sublette who played in the fantastic Chicago group Ga-an who we’ve covered in these very pages.