This is how we scroll

Featuring : Omar S

Strider cover

By the time you read this, 20Jazzfunkgreats will have completed their physical jack across the halls of The Hydra, guided by one Detroit superstar DJ Omar S.

As part of this effort, we expect that we will have had the opportunity to do our Turing machine dance, scrolling down a 16-bit Siberian tapestry, beatin’ up Cossack cyborg dogs and hammer and sickle wielding centipede politburo people, to the merciless crescendo of Strider’s World.*

But this is the anthropomorphic way of thinking about.

Maybe it will be the other way around. Maybe 20jazzfunkgreats will be the tape being processed by a Turing machine whose program is contained within the furious robo-lyrics of Strider’s World.

Each pulse of the joystick, each siren beep, each beat of the relentless drum and each note of the quasi-religious melody instructions being punched into us by a boss intelligence we can fathom but we can’t see.

This is how we will have become nodes in a new emergent construct we energise with our imperfect dancing, and feed with our irrational dreams.

This is how we scroll.

Omar S – Strider’s World

You can buy the record here. And here is a nice fan video.


*Which is just a fancy way of writing, erasing and modifying symbols in the not-quite-infinite tape where this tapestry is stitched.