The method of Goth


We posted about Nicolas Nadeau’s other project (with Xander Harris), Slow Pulse, in May last year.  This year we’ve got Nadeau’s Single Lash — his voice still seeped in all the pained fragile beauty of Goth, but relocated from the city to the fields, where guitars endlessly drench the landscape.

Drown is just such a slice of wilderness.  The guitars roam all around, like restless waveforms tracing the contours of the land.  Vast slow riffs that speak of cyclopean structures rising out of the grass flecked hills.

In the midst of this, Nadeau appears like a sage whispering atop just such a pagan hilltop.  His voice projected with supernatural power throughout the land.  Deep and resonant with the force of something, if not occult, than primal.  This is, after all, the method of Goth rather than the mere trappings.

Single Lash – Drown

This is taken from the self-titled album by Single Lash.  You an pre-order it from Mirror Universe Tapes on…tape (and download), right here.