Dub on different drugs

Featuring : The Orb


Maybe this is an approximation of the “righteous dub” William Gibson heard bleeding out of Maelcum’s headphones. Although that might create an unintended implication that dub is somehow only futuristic when it’s approximated by white European producers, which is patently not the case.

Rather, it’s probably that demographic of dub aficionados who made dub New Age – comedown-y and painless, stripped of anger and dread, made pretty and synthetic – but entertainingly so – a kind of VR dub.


That’s what The Orb sound like to us, anyway. You could make a case that is dub diluted, but their noise is no less hallucinatory than Actual Dub – it’s just on different drugs. Nineties-strength MDMA instead of ritual ganja.

The Orb – Valley

From Orbvs Terrarvm (1995) 

Two seascapes with clouds generated by Nelson Max at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. From Creative Computer Graphics (1984).