The Necronomicoin

Featuring : Adamennon + Samoln


The blockchain is a ledger, and a ledger is a way to tell a financial story. Some people think that we could use its system of collectively authenticated recordkeeping to tell other kinds of stories – legal stories, organisational stories.

Why not horror stories?

Imagine the equivalent of the Necronomicon codified in the blockchain: a set of transactions between a mad priesthood and The Forces Beyond, each of them a spell (algorithm) that permits an operation that increases the absolute levels of horror in the world.

Such as…

The injection of subliminal images of unfathomable dread into user generated photo and video sites.

Outbursts of impossible language initiating mass psychosis in those who dare reading the comment boxes of popular news-sites.

Hidden gates opening up in the entrails of some recondite video games dungeon, granting access to niches with chests bursting with doomed loot that will corrupt your avatar’s body and soul, and pollute your dreams with slimy shapes.

Abominable shapes unfolding in the pixelated shadows of a badly streamed on-demand film.

Augmented reality games layering upon urban reality the sense of foreboding that anticipates the arrival of the thing outside the diner in Mulholland Drive.

All situations that could be aptly sound-tracked by the music we are leaving with you today:

Samoln – Tsch

Samoln’s Tsch is an obsessively propulsive slice of cosmic disco skewered with an eerie dulcimer melody that Goblin and John Carpenter would have killed for. Perfect tune for a jet set party no-one leaves alive.  It is included in the excellent forthcoming 12’’ compilation curated by Sam de la Rosa from Led Er Est, for Monofonus’ Ixtab series. Pre-order here.

Adamennon – Pralaya

Adamennon’s Pralaya sounds like the secret engine of the universe revving itself up for a journey into total darkness, goaded by a coven of witches taunting it from outside reality. It is included in a split 12 with Altaj coming out in Boring Machines on the 11th of September.

Universal Triangle image by Smestorp