Hair is long and vibes are cosmic

Featuring : Bloodrock


In England, there was Led Zeppelin IV and Master of Reality, Meddle and Electric Warrior.

In Fort Worth, Texas, there was Bloodrock. The year is 1971. Hair is long and vibes are cosmic. Folk are starting to feel the devil a little.

“Lucifer will never die! Satan is my god!” Bloodrock sing, right before a big fuck-off boogie woogie piano solo. Like some abyssal Jools Holland.

Bloodrock – Don’t Eat The Children

Suspect that, actually, Bloodrock were probably good old Xtian boys, and they’re warning of what happens to those that stray from the path, rather than giving beelzebub a Bloodrock seal of approval. Nevertheless they do make the whole damnation scene sound pretty cool, even if the chug the band makes is ultimately more Dr. Feelgood than Black Sabbath.

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art by José Guadalupe Posada