Featuring : Vactrol Park

Vactrol Park I - Artwork by Mario Hugo

At the beginning of Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, Popol Vuh conjure an untainted Eden with their synthesisers. Waves of sound overwhelm our sense of balance, inducing an otherworldly trance.

Such is the power of their music.

Now let’s flip to the dark side.

In Stars Quivering Slowly, the track that begins Vactrol Park’s first EP, they deploy similar technologies with the opposite goal: to create an atmosphere of extreme dread, a dark corridor straight out of Kojima/Del Toro/Ito’s worst nightmares through which we are rid by a macabre scronk somewhere in between Klaus Schulze and Rhythm and Sound. Don’t. Look. Back.

Some heretical cults see morality as a loop whose extremes connect. They believe that sanctity can be achieved by acts that are extreme in their purity, or in their impurity. Perhaps. There are certainly moments, in our dazed stumbling down Vactrol’s Park technoid hallucination, when we perceive glimpses of a hidden truth, of a reality beyond, squeezed out of the darkness by muscular drums and satanic noises.

Vactrol Park – Starts Quivering Slowly

You can get Vactrol Park’s EP 1 from ESP Institute via Juno, and see them live at Café OTO on January the 11th .