The Sleeper Must Awake

Featuring : Sololust


Enfant Terrible and related labels have been infiltrating our airwaves with darkly energised psychic bombers for quite some time now. “The Sleeper Must Awake”, the title track in Sololust’s latest 7’’ release might be our favourite yet.

The reason for this is simple: it is the cold wave equivalent of the eerie statue of a chimera made of man, bat and octopus created by Henry Anthony Wilcox during a strange episode of mass hysteria that afflicted sensitive souls across the world some decades ago.

As most of our readers will surely know, this surge of nether-worldly energy was brought about by the stirrings of the most charismatic and anthropocentric of The Old Ones, The Great Cthulhu.

The Sleeper Must Awake documents the same kind of experience, but with the materials of the cold wave craftsman: a metronomic beat, a claustrophobic bass-line, a chilling synth-melody. What sets it apart from other descriptions of Chtonic interaction is the emotion that defines it: not the cosmic despair of the conventional Lovecraftian hero, the mindless impatience of the deranged cultist, or the intellectual curiosity of the sorcerer. No, what we find here is a frisson of sexual anticipation as The Sleeper circles Sololust’s frail psyche, a desire to be seized by the mighty tendrils of that terrible intelligence. A doomed romanticism, in conclusion, for which cold wave is most suitable.

This is a sentiment that is, of course, wholeheartedly shared by Brighton’s branch of the Eldritch Adventist cabal, of which we are proud members. The Great Cthulhu can tune into our souls any time it wants.

Sololust – The Sleeper Must Awake

The Sleeper Must Awake is coming out at the end of the month.

The image above is by INJ Culbard, and we found it here. While it obviously doesn’t depict The Great Cthulhu, Mr. Culbard has been responsible for some excellent comic book adaptations of HP Lovecraft’s stories (they look way nicer than 99.9% of the Cthulhu Mythos artwork out there btw).