All the wrong notes

Featuring : Robert Martin


It was apparently recorded in 1985. The era of Eddie Murphy’s seminal party jam, Party All The Time, a time when even the blues sounded like Born In The USA.

Appropriately little is known about Robert Martin, the Jandek-like who home-recorded a collection of scratchy, morose song-doodles, accompanied by a guitar that is scrawling all the wrong notes. His voice wails through a snakes’ choir of tape hiss.

A ‘deadbeat surfer’ with no musical training, Martin was apparently a work colleague of a friend of Tim who runs the Yik Yak label, who in 2008 compiled a bunch of Marting’s old 80s home tapes as an LP – Long Goodbye.

Robert Martin – Long Goodbye

Long Goodbye sounds like the blues as it leaks out of the ribcage of a slowly dying white man.

Mournful, terrible and truly psychedelic.

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Art is a detail from Folger Shakespeare Library, V.b.311, f. 129r