Far East and West of Here


There is a place among the reeds where the maximalist future dwells.  Birthed among the sacred flames of Young Marble Giants and Mariah it is all mystery, all the time.  Like, ’24/7 glints of light off the still rivers, is that a human or a water god?’ mystery.  Like, cascading polyrhythmic drum patterns sort of mystery.  The sort of mystery that is secretly plotting the awakening of the Old Ones as it plays the ‘synths or horn section?’ game [spoilers: it’s synths, it’s always synths with us].

Bamboo are that future, and dear god it’s glorious.

Bamboo - Khene Song

If only we still threw dance parties, this would be our go-to, ‘clear the floor to make room for the true believers but everyone’s dancing by the end’ track.  It sweeps in our favourite Far Eastern touchstones including Yellow Magic Orchestra (on the album there’s a fairly obscure cover of Harry Hosono‘s Love Theme for an early 80s Japanese TV Show) and the aforementioned Mariah (who’s Utakata No Hibi finally got a reissue a few months ago and promptly sold out — check the link to read Twitch’s post about it from 2008(!)).  It is OOIOO if they’d binged on Leven Signs instead of Italian Opera.  It is, as I mentioned, glorious.

You can get the album direct from Upset the Rhythm right here.  I just have, because it’s really fucking good.