SATURDAY MIXTAPE: The Faked History of Böwlemmie


It is very sad that David Bowie and Ian Lemmy and Hans Gruber died this week. But MY GOD, I don’t think any of us ever need to hear Life On Mars or Ace of Spades again now do we?

As an antidote, here is a crate-digging mixtape venturing into the darkest recesses of Lemmy and Bowie’s careers – alternate versions, pre-fame playfulness, wrong turns, collaborations, side projects, unreleased stuff and weird experiments. And Silver Machine.

Because always Silver Machine.

Features The Rockin’ Vicars, The Riot Squad, Sam Gopal, The Spiders from Mars, Hawkwind, The Robert Calvert Band, Motörhead, Probot and more, but we drew the line at Tin Machine.

Because never Tin Machine.

XXJFG – The Faked History of Böwlemmie

Sadly that beautiful picture up-top turned out to be a fake. In real life, David Bowie was this lady: