The Sea Doesn’t Care

Featuring : Alex Smoke


XXJFG is already blocked by most workplace web filters but just incase we’ve used the Mt. Olympus of NSFW artwork up there.

Fall Out pulls that great trick of lulling you with a looped music box melody before hitting you with a sinister treated vocal.  Thus casting the melody in a newly sinister light.  Which would make for a fine closing album track.  What causes us to skip back and back and back is what happens exactly half way through.

Alex Smoke – Fall Out

The melody and Alex’s voice — thus far forming an uneasy equilibrium — are cast into the midst of a tempest as the synths arrive and take over.  It’s as if a shore line torch song has suddenly been thrust to the top of a great cliff by a wrathful god.  The skies open and the words pour out, paranoid and primal.  Perhaps a jilted, stalking lover or the machinations of a surveillance state.  The sea doesn’t care.

Fall Out is taken from the album Love Over Will on R&S.  You can get the album on digitial / CD / Vinyl from Alex’s Bandcamp right here.