This Ain’t Your House

Featuring : Body-San


Our favourite purveyors of anti-EDM, 1080p, bring us another collection of blissed out DIY jams.

There’s something innately disarming about pretty much all the stuff 1080p put out.  Wrapped in the clothes of so many sub genres of dance music yet belonging to none of them.  In the sense that belonging involves bending their very fabric to conform to a set of rules to get past imagined gatekeepers.  If your beats ain’t quantised you’re not coming in.

No, instead people have create a genre to house these glitches in the Matrix and lo, we have DIY dance music.  Which we’re more than happy to stuff all these glorious tracks into if it means we can have more.

Today we bring you a track by Body-San that could well slip, ninja-like, into a pastel coloured Blissed Out 4xCD collection that I’ve just invented in my head.  If it weren’t just a little off.  Channelling the same sort of uncanny that the hauntological made explicit.  The washes of synth repeat a little too long to sooth the endorphin depleted.  The reverb is more abyss than womb.  Looping and looping like a benevolent  hypnotist who simply wants to bring you love.

Body-San – Koko Chats Online

Koko Chats Online is taken from Body-San’s album Shining the Money Ball…which is out today on 1080p.  Get the tape here and digitally here.