Gnomic classicism


In the record we are featuring today, Delia Gonzalez transforms with subtle alchemies what would otherwise be just (just!)  a crystalline demonstration of formal beauty, and gives it new dimensions of mystery. In Remembrance becomes a haunted chamber where echoes of past lives flutter like butterfly wings, the void pregnant with significance and feeling that remains after a best friend, a good person, goes away, perhaps forever.

DFA’s press-release says this could be an alternate score for Don’t Look Now. We think it would also suit Candyman’s doomed lovers, escaping, dancing, dying through the ages, across forlorn modernistic ruins.

Delia Gonzalez – I

You can acquire Remembrance in beautiful vinyl from DFA.

delia gavin

More than a decade ago, Delia Gonzalez collaborated with Gavin Russom to create one of the finest records of the millennium so far, the astounding Days of Mars.

In summary, Days of Mars takes John Carpenter’s tight eeriness and applies it to the vastness of the cosmos. It contains a key that will unlock in your immediate environment – in the movement of bodies in the street, in the eyes of a friend, in the geometry of a skyline in dusk – portals into vistas of truth and infinity.

We featured Days of Mars when it came out all those years ago. Today we remember it.

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Black Spring

You can get yourself a copy of Days of Mars via Discogs.