The Spiritual and the Bass


There is music to escape with, to be carried aloft into a crystalline world, high above the petty defeats and insignificant malice of life.  There is music to wallow in, for My Pain and Sadness Is More Sad and Painful Than Yours.  Occasionally, there is music that stands in the centre of the world, a diamond, reflecting back the intricacies of life in a beautiful endless parade of shape and sound.  That is where we are today.

Holly Herndon does this music wonderfully, sampling the very air and filtering it back through the static of our cybernetic lives.  The vital and the organic, sparing endlessly with the ordered and processed.  Both sides locked in a symbiotic embrace.

As does Tim Hecker.

Castrati Stack is the soundtrack to Under the Skin, if Under the Skin was a Koyaanisqatsi-esque journey through a decaying, digital world.  A duet between the spiritual and the bass.  A bass not yet locked in — distorted and skittish…hunting.  While the static and the noise dance around choral voices.  Brute and artificial next to the protestations of the choir.

Briefly, the bass settles underneath the choir — the vast fist to the voices’ soul — and the world gains shape and resembles the form of our own.  Before being cleansed by the chaos of the snare.

Tim Hecker – Castrati Stack

Castrati Stack is taken Tim Hecker’s astonishing, beautiful album, Love Streams.  It’s out on 4AD on April 8th.