The Cat is Always Dead


Solar Bears returned a few weeks back with their new album, Advancement.  It’s out on Sunday Best and you can grab it here.

It is, like their previous work, a garden of hauntological delights.  Tripping through the perma-disturbing vision of a deranged 70s educational science programme, via early Warp (who became adept at distilling the pure horror of library music) and on to our retro-futuristic world of Night Drives.  By 2016 I think it’s fair to say we have reached Schrodinger’s hauntology.  All genres and cultural touchstones are now replaced by the ghosts of themselves, until you look at them. Then we have to make up our damn minds.  And we’re bad at that.

Gravity Calling nails that drum intro with the bass eq’d out just long enough for the full Cybertron-ian force of the drum programming to hit.  And an exquisite hit it is, propelling us through wistful synth melodies  and on to intricate, punchy crescendos, meshed perfectly with those drums.  Before it all falls away, as it surely must.  For we’ve gazed at it all too long.

Solar Bears – Gravity Calling

Bonus vid for the titanic album closer, force of nature and early audition for the soundtrack to Michael Mann’s The Keep remake: Separate From the Arc.