Guest mix: POSTHUMAN


In a 2006 paper, philosopher Nick Bostrum defined a ‘posthuman’ as “a being that has at least one posthuman capacity.”

“By a posthuman capacity,” Bostrum explained, “I mean a general central capacity greatly exceeding the maximum attainable by any current human being without recourse to new technological means. I will use general central capacity to refer to the following:

  • healthspan – the capacity to remain fully healthy, active, and productive, both mentally and physically
  • cognition – general intellectual capacities, such as memory, deductive and analogical reasoning, and attention, as well as special faculties such as the capacity to understand and appreciate music, humor, eroticism, narration, spirituality, mathematics, etc.
  • emotion – the capacity to enjoy life and to respond with appropriate affect to life situations and other people”
A Posthuman is also a duo of London acid house producers and cousins Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty.

Their new release, Back To Acid is first-rate lysergic cyborg fizz, so we invited the duo to compile a mix for us!

Posthuman – 20 Jazz Funk Greats mix


Posthuman – Europa Sky
Sherr – Beat This Love
Splinter (UA) – Bank Of Red Tides
Chambray – Evenue
Acid Witch – Acid Witch Theme
Casio Royale – I Finish
Marshall Jefferson presents Hercules – Lost In The Groove (Jerome Hill Remix)
Gavin Russom – The Telstar File
Posthuman – The Benz (Ben Sims Acid Remix)
Ejeca – PH1
Snuffo – Rage
Tuff Wheelz – Prophecy
Psyk – Arcade
Posthuman – New Jack
Cardopusher – Facelifter
Mr Jones – Zoom 42
Warlock – Break Bones
Kamikaze Space Programme track I think, unlabelled promo.
Moomin – Aquarama
Mike Dunn – I Wanna Be House (Johnny Aux Remix)
Jared Wilson – How Deep
Kirk Degiorgio – Time Spin
Posthuman – A Better You
Mark Forshaw – Magnetic Highway

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