Rememberence of Discos Past

Featuring : Ann-Margret


With the sun beating down on the eager Brighton streets, one of your intrepid 20JFG scribes paid an overdue visit to his local hairdresser this evening.  Sun beating through the large glass window, shorts in abundance and Disco on the stereo — we’re reminded of why people pay immoral amounts of cash to live here.

We were too young to have experienced Disco as anything other than a faint rumbling from beyond the womb — before the racist backlash of Disco Sucks robbed us of a childhood of horn sections and extended drum breaks.  So for us, Disco is always a memory.  An unreal time (so we’re told) that can never actually be real for us.  Which is perfect in its own cyclical way.

So when, from nowhere, the seed of Disco lands once again in our overly impressionable minds, the rediscovery of the songs of our past is as fresh as it was the first time.  As it can’t be fresh at all.

Ann-Margret – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Instrumental)

Amazingly (and I searched) we’ve never posted Ann-Margret’s Prins-Thomas-bothering (and grammatically questionable) classic: Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes.  Winner of many Emmys and once billed as the female Elvis (whatever that means), Ann-Margret decided to start putting out dance records at the end of the 70s.  And we’re very grateful she did.

Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes is the nexus.  It contains within itself a greatest hits of what we love about Disco.  Synths!  Indulgent string sections!  Sultry vocals from a 40 year old Oscar nominated actress!  And that drum and bass combo, working together to grease the way towards the dancefloor.  It’s all just so fucking irresistible.  Soaring and base and camp and life affirmingly sultry all at once, over and over for seven minutes.  It is what Disco always promised — from out of the past — an escape to a place where you’re far sexier than mere mortals.  Who the fuck needs VR…