A Howling Blankness


image: Marja de Sanctis

Mysterious Serbian Synth wizard Abul Mogard returns to the pages of 20JFG this week.   Ecstatic Recordings are putting out a collection of his music that has been previously released by themselves and VCO Recordings.  Except this time on vinyl.

Dooping Off was released in 2010 on the aforementioned VCO, yet it’s one of those pieces of music that pay little heed to the petty temporal anchors of release dates.  You know what we’re talking about dear readers.  If not, come closer and we’ll speak conspiratorially…

Drooping Off is Drone.  Drooping Off is repetition, repetition, repetition.  Drooping Off is great hulking beings shaped from the keys of Farfisa organ’s and given life by samplers.  Drooping Off is the prosaically named invocation of oblivion.  Oblivion as a bell curve, rising steadily, remorselessly towards a howling blankness.  The sound is the sound of wind-blasted moors, full of beauty and dread.  Home of death and the sublime.

Abul Mogard – Drooping Off

Drooping Off was originally taken from the self titled album Abul Mogard which came out on tape on VCO (and is now sold out).  It’s now available on vinyl thanks to Ecstatic Records which you can pick up here.  Finally it’s also available digitally on Abul Mogard’s Bandcamp here.