Astro Travelling Through Time


The Search for T J Eerie is Johannes Palmroos’ brilliant documentary accompanying RVNG Intnl.’s latest release, Mount Liberation Unlimited’s (Eerie) For your Love.

It is a suggestive, Pynchonesque investigation into the career of the mysterious T J Eerie, who ‘shaped the modern electronic boogie sound without even realising at the time’, coming with a soft focus intimacy that reminds us in a hard to pin down way of Todd Terje’s heartbreaking Inspector Norse. It is also a gentle mockery of obsessive music nerds and cultural theorists who turn lost musical figures from a mythical past into Maltese Falcon-like McGuffins, and in so doing, mistake the trees of their lives for the forest of their art.

There was the risk that this could have ended a too meta and self-referential for your earnest 20JFG scribes (who have themselves built their careers with many a trans-mediatic, exaggerated nerdery) but the video pulls it off, not least because it unfolds over the backdrop of Mount Liberation Unlimited’s irresistible display of interstellar boogie foot ‘n’ fire-working – a perfect reminder of the un-codifiable mystery that exists in the best music, a kernel of pure joy and feeling in front of which we can only surrender our intellects, gasp, dance.

Get (Eerie) for your love from RVNG International.

As a bonus, here is another beautiful track from Astro Travelling Through Life, and older MLO release.

Mount Liberation Unlimited – Clinton Space Funk