Featuring : Black Spuma


In the age of Mr Brexit, we need International Feel now, more than ever.  We need the light that they curate for our ears.  Those sweet, sweet sounds that feel like sun and silk and the touch of cooling wet sand.  So, for our communal listening therapy today, they’ve pulled in something from the night.

Black Spuma return to the label with the deepest of deep house.  House so deep you finally understand why the Old Ones will never die.   House that includes an ethereal synth breakdown that we can only hope leads to Skrillex levels of drop-hysteria in the sun kissed nightclubs of our minds.  Except that beat doesn’t return with speaker destroying petulance, but rather slides back between the sheets like an illicit lover in a cheesy soft-core 80s thriller that you kinda’ adore anyway.

Black Spuma – Metallo Nero

Metallo Nero is taken from Black Spuma’s Onda which is out today on International Feel and which you can get from Juno (among others).