The Incredible Lightness of Dub


1080p continues to bridge the impossible divide between genre adherence and facsimile, and to erase the boundary between DIY Music and (presumably) ‘real’ dance music.  Because dance music made with pawn shop synthesisers was never DIY, oh no.

1080p is an interesting place to hang out.  The inners maybe artfully pre-faded and I’m sure if this 20JFG writer was more of a sample nerd the drums might be just so, but this seems like bait to those that would be easily blindsided by the aesthetic callback and miss the music within.  Like some sort of hautological camo.

And what music.  This week we share a couple of tracks that came out this month.


First up is the beautiful minimal dub of Shea’s World by Luis.  All simple, looping melodies and equally simple drum tracks, floating past each other in the night-blue gloom.  Theirs is a beauty of the synthetic, the beauty of deserted concrete streets and grey brick buildings.  The 4am magic of the night.  The waking dream of the journey home, the hazy imprint of the night so far, the brutal light of public transport and the way it jolts you back into reality so hard you go spinning out the other side into your interior world.  All these things, moving past each other as your mind lies floating underwater between these vast shadows

Luis – Shea’s World


Next we have the appropriately named minimalviolence and Girl Talk.  All squelchy early techno synths and those crashing symbol samples.  Here too, washes of synthetic chords weave in and around the drum patterns but where Shea’s World aimed for a dubbed grace, here we’re still nominally on the dancefloor.  Or at least the memory of one.  A tough, brutal one where when the drums hit, they come pre-dulled, like they’ve done this a million times before.

minimalviolence – Girl Talk

Shea’s world is taken from Luis’ 12″ Dreamt Takes.  Girl Talk is taken from minimalviolence’s 12″ Night Gym.  Both are out now on the incomparable 1080p.  You can order them both right here or from your favourite stockist of fine music recordings.