SATURDAY MIXTAPE: A Lethal Dose of American Poetry

Featuring : 20jfg

Hip-hop hasn’t always hated Trump. In the 1990s and 2000s, Trump was a  tongue-in-cheek rap byword for bling. Raekwon, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Young Thug, Young Jeezy and more have all variously boasted of being hip-hop’s Donald Trump.

But now Trump isn’t just the uber-capitalist self-parody-turned-reality TV star. He’s fucking the world up, and despite lots of wishful thinking from op ed pieces about how the artistic kick-back against such a tyranny will make ‘music interesting again’, are Green Day and Le Tigre really the best we can do?

Well, no, because America’s first music is hip-hop – a music made all of words – and it’s a poetry that is tearing chunks out of the new dystopia.

We’ve made a mixtape of the most ferocious anti-Trump flows. Title is a reappropriation of an album (A Lethal Dose of American Hatred) by known white supremacist, Phil Anselmo.

XXJFG – A Lethal Dose of American Poetry

Trump/They Live by Nick Casale