Hard to Fear a God

Featuring : Robedoor

Robedoor enter 20JFG’s consciousness with a sound somewhere between pagan ceremony and tendrils from the Sun ripping apart the land.  But that’s just the first six or so minutes from their new album.  Today we’re interested in the next eight.

After the scorched earth, comes the night.  Age of Sewage is a heaving beast of guitars-as-sirens, drums-as-pure-terror and distorted, tortured vocals as our only island of humanity.  And while that all sounds incredibly bleak, it’s the sort of bleakness that’s ok to visit.  The sort of bleakness that might point to where we’re going but also reminds us we’re not quite there yet.  It’s also the sort of bleakness that subsides, that ebbs, as if the gaze of some terrible searchlight has swung away leaving us temporarily in the still, black calm.

You should totally fear though, for it returns, like some demonic procession: hooves and granite and steel.  A theme song for medieval totalitarianism.  Which is strangely preferable to the global, kleptocratic, reactionary, apocalypse cult we’re actually faced with.  Lol.

Robedoor – Age of Sewage

Age of Sewage is taken from Robedoor’s album, New Age Sewage which is out on Hands in the Dark on 21st April.  You can (pre)order it from their store, right here.