Pilots of purple twilight, dropping down with costly bales

Featuring : Majeure + Rainbow Island

Today is all about things that move forward, and fast.

Rainbow Island come first. Their name, potentially inspired by the 1989 Amiga platform is apt. This drum and synth music definitely sounds like a good candidate to soundtrack the prances and jaunts of a Bubby and Bobby of Bubble Bobble fame, as they traverse a landscape so chromatically saturated it will make your eyes bleed, shooting wasps and caterpillars with their rainbow guns. They also make us think of Holy Fuck if they had been into Silver Apples instead of early noughts breakbeat, and even Add (n) to (x) if they regressed to some proto-human state like William Hurt in Altered States.

In Gigi Rally, Rainbow Island chart an alternative evolutionary path for video games soundtracks set in a counterfactual world where Babbage and Lovelace have made the analytical engine work, and graphics consist of the rapid movement of cardboard cutouts, like those pre-digital racing games writ large, or Balinese puppet robots on speed. Gigi Rally it this world’s Wipeout, and its physically, computationally and sonically pumping.

Rainbow Island – Gigi Rally

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Then Majeure, whose latest release in Temporary Residence amps up the muscle ‘n’ throb to almost unbearable levels. Seeing him live at an excellent London show with Grails last week made us think of folk-hero John Henry’s legendary competition with the steel drill, if the machine was a Giger design, and the whole thing had been shot by John Carpenter in the style of the magic battle between Lo-Pan and Egg Shen at the end of Big Trouble in Little China.

Needless to say, the human wins this time, but instead of vanquishing the machine, becomes one with it, a cybernetic sprite surfing a virtual world of Silicon Graphics info-porn designed by a Mahavishnu Orchestra obsessed superintelligence.

Majeure – A Few More Pieces of Eight

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