British Velvet Pop

Featuring : Comet Gain

Sometimes they seem like they’re the closest thing we’ve had to a British Velvet Underground.

Hopeless guitar romantics Comet Gain headlined the Fortuna Pop farewell-er (a sort of cross between a farewell gig and an all-dayer, that I’ve just made up) and it was fun to dive into their now extensive songbook all over again.

Sure, Comet Gain are beloved of the hair-grips and knee socks Belle & Sebastian brigade, and tunes of theirs like the Orange Juice-answering You Can Hide Your Love Forever are anthems in that scene.

But Comet Gain also do weird, spiky art-rock songs like Working Circle Explosive.

Plonked squarely between the two extremes (and therefore at their most VU-ishness?) is the band’s anthem, Love Without Lies, which was released as a standalone 7″ by What’s Yr Rupture? in 2007 – 15 years after songwriter David Feck (aka ‘Charlie Damage’) formed Comet Gain’s first incarnation.

Love Without Lies sounds like its ready for a night out and has already had too much gin, a glint of malevolence in its eye. Like sparks might fly; which is what the best Comet Gain songs sound like.

Comet Gain – Love Without Lies

Copies of Love Without Lies are available on Discogs.