Existential Field Recordings

Featuring : Alex Menzies

Let’s talk about Dune (again).  Let’s talk about Sci-Fi spirituality and the desires of the militantly rational to touch the face of God.  Let’s talk about how culture has moved in to suture our cursed post-Enlightenment souls.

And let’s do it through the tape slipped medium of ambient music.

Dune, ah Dune.  Our favourite not-even-trying-to-hide-it Middle Eastern white saviour allegory.  But a gateway drug to — well drugs obvs. — the melding of spirituality with badass planet conquering religious wars.   This isn’t your hippy spirituality though (at least in the Lynch version which I saw at such an impressionable age that it’s cannon).

This is the remote monastery, kneel before the unknowable magnificence of the universe and have a terror orgasm spirituality.  It’s look within the darkest reaches of the soul/universe and I dare you, I double dare you, to keep your sanity.  It’s the perfect capital ‘m’ Modern spirituality.  Acknowledging the terror we have created in defiance of the idea of God.

And what, when faced with articulating that do you do?  If you’re Brian Eno you make this.  And if you’re Alex Menzies* you make this:

Alex Menzies – Diadem

Alex Menzies is new to the pages of 20JFG, but out of nowhere (and into our inbox) he strides with the really quite magnificent Other World Music Vol. 1.  Diadem is the choral, existential void music of our dreams — that immediately got a little iTunes heart next to it.

You can get Other World Music Vol. 1 from Alex’s Bandcamp right here.  And you should because it’s all good…but not all of it forces you to stare into your cosmic soul.

*Full disclosure: we have no idea really what Alex Menzies thought when making this wonderful piece of music.  But we hope it was suitably rapturous.