Perpetual stasis machine

Featuring : Giusto Pio

Giusto Pio’s Motore Immobile is an isolation chamber where we hear the drone of an alarm that started ringing at the birth of the universe.

We enter a special Stapledon state of cosmic reverie where every sound – piano and violin, voices transformed like Holly Herndon’s Dilato dreaming in stasis, in a generation ship headed for Alfa Centauri  – represents a milestone in the emergence of life, intelligence and conscience, stages in a journey that unfolds at a pace our senses can only perceive when augmented with tools like this, exotic mathematics, psychotropic drugs.

We come out at the other side strengthened and purified, endowed with a new ability to sense, if only for a moment, glimpses of a perfect pattern amidst the worldly chaos.

Giusto Pio – Motore Immobile

Motore Immobile was released by Giusto Pio in 1978, and reissued by Soave earlier this year. Get it from their bandcamp.