Featuring : Ebi

Ebi is Susumu Yokota making acid house music in 1994. It has a shrimp in the front-cover (see below) and it sounds blue, blue like the image results when you google ‘AI’, blue like memories of Keanu in Johnny Mnemonic, blue like the background for the best Netrunner ICE breaker card ever devised, an ocean of chrome providing the backdrop for a grid of digital poison that stretches into infinity. If Daft Punk had been Singularitarians, this would have been their Homework.

We are currently playing Pandemic Legacy and Ebi fits it like a glove. The oppressive throb of the virus relentlessly spreading, the acid squelches of its unpredictable mutations, the thrillingly tacky technoid vibe mapping the jaggy journey of a cursor jerking over the abominable user-interface for the government-procured geographical information system where the intrepid CDC researcher is tracking down the source of the outbreak. Pam pam pam pam pam, Sandra Bullock gotta be there somewhere.

We could go on for ages. If you are us, Ebi is nirvana.

Ebi – Kai

More info about Zen (where Kai comes from) in discogs.

Appendix: Shrimp artwork