A Mandala for Mega-bear

Featuring : Eitetsu Hayashi

From one angle, Jeff Van DerMeer’s Borne is The Road with levitating mega-bears. From another it is Akira on foot. From another, it is Repulsion if Catherine Deneuve adopted the spiky Dali horrors creeping through the cracks on the walls of her house. From yet another, it is a coming of age tale for the barrel-shaped star-headed things in the Mountains of Madness.

Now you see why it is our favourite book of the year, and why you need to read it.

Whenever we say the word ‘Akira’, a gamelan drone unfurls inside our heads, so today we’ll leave you with this one, by Eitetsu Hayashi. It’s mystical layers probably aren’t the best fit for Borne’s squishy body horror, but then we have always associated gamelan’s a-linear mandalas with the uncannily harmonious cycle of the double helix, so there’s that connection if you need one.

Eitetsu Hayashi -カラビンカ (Karabinka)

Karabinka is included in Hayashi’s first album, 風の使者.  More info via Discogs.