4AM Internal

Today we bring you excellent dance music from (relatively) new label Potions Music NYC.  They’ve put out a split featuring previous 20JFG postees Chandeliers and the subject of today’s post, Songs for Gods.

Boss has that synth + mournful vocal + techy funk thing that Jessy Lanza absolutely fucking nailed on last year’s Oh No.  Which is, of course, a great thing.  Although here we’re more ghettotech than Shangaan.

This is empty streets in light industrial quarters at 4am dance music (probably our favourite kind).  Super minimal production with occasional stratospheric midnight-synth washes.  Not to mention Emma Yohanan’s lightly reverb’d internal rebuke to an unheard lover.

Songs for Gods – BOSS

You can get a digital copy from Bandcamp right here.  It was also released on 7″ but that’s getting the inflationary Discogs pricing treatment right now.