Memoirs of Hadrian (Arthur Baker’s Extended Edit)

Youandewan’s exceptional There is No Right Time is another of those albums that passed us by when it came out last year.  No matter. You already know that time and space dissolve in 20JFG, removing the noise of the now and clearing our vision, allowing us to see eternal, beautiful patterns that recur over the ages and their artefacts.

In Youndewan’s enlightened, pluralistic house, we detect subtle hints of Gatto Fritto’s exquisite psyche-balearica, blasts of Jan Hammer primary chroma projected over the stark walls of a dead-tech condo, Isolée’s formal perfection doing naughty bumps in the periphery of a Costa del Sol chiringuito.

It induces in us these and many other Clarendon-filtered flashbacks of a hedonistic Med-tour of duty we were  too geeky to join, but with subtle shifts in the emotional gradient. The base animalism at the heart of such capers is replaced with the purity of an epic, philosophical quest for self-knowledge and illumination that can be found in the dance of light, colours, smells and feelings of dawn at a secret hellenic beach, last July or a July two millennia ago.

Some scenes never change and this is one, Youndewan’s classicist bangers live inside it.

Youndewan – Be Good To Me Poly

Get Youndewan’s There Is No Right Time from his bandcamp.