Nigerian Funk Great

Steve Monite’s 1984 absolute-fucking-banger, Only You, is our subject today.  Bringing together loads of things 20JFG loves about the 80s: dubby baselines; weird, verging on avant garde synth sounds; proto-rap spoken word sections; and Disco.  God, Disco.  Disco not in the rigid genre sense but in the David Mancuso, eclecticism is the only way to party sense.

And that bass.  And those gated drums.  Fuck.

When the robots rise or when some Russian AI finally perfects just the right combination of fake news to trigger mass heart failure in the worlds social media populations…we’ll have Steve.  As the world goes up in flames he’ll be there, telling us only we can put out this fire*.   As we battle the bots’ encroachment on our collective subconscious we’ll have Only You as the checksum.  If you hear it and don’t immediately stick it on repeat you’ll be first up against the digital wall.  Or get muted.  Whatever.

Steve Monite – Only You

Only You (the album) was reissued by PMG in Austria.  You can grab it off Discogs right here.  Only You (the song) was remixed by Frankie Francis and released on a 12″ by Soundways.  You can grab that off Discogs too (as it’s sold out).  Frank Ocean covered it earlier this year so let’s hope we get an official release of that too.  But ultimately, when it comes to our preferred version, there’s only you Steve.

*technically only Steve can put out the fire but given the constant perspective shifting in the song I’m claiming we’re all Steve.