Me and MR James

Your humble scribe has been away from 20JFG for a while. Lots to catch up on. Get cracking (and have an sanity-destroying Halloween).

 We went to see Helena Hauff at Printworks last week. Her set wasn’t… subtle. She seemed hell-bent on splitting space from time while the audience seemed intent on merging their cerebral cortex with their calf muscles. The outcome was religious in a Brian Yuzna kind of way.

We loved the whole thing hard but would have loved it even more if she had played some of her electroid / EBM stuff as well as the bangers. Say, tunes such as Piece of Pleasure, from her 2015 Discreet Desires album, where she demonstrates a synth-arpeggio virtuosity somewhere in between John Carpenter’s urban dysto-poems, and a Wolfenstein lazerkraftwerk rampage at the underground lab where the Nazis were trying to crack the secrets of quantum reality.

There is a very special colour that can only be seen when human flesh melts into another dimension. This song sprays it all over your face.

Helena Hauff – Piece of Pleasure

Get Discreet Pleasures from Ninja Tunes.

Ricardo Tobar’s Red Sea belongs to a obscene sub-genre of motorik practiced by Throbbing Gristle, Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, and few others. Its only purpose seems to be to induce in your writer hallucinations about Ballardian deserts populated by HR Giger-esque worms rid by stern cybernetic gimps. Think Dune but turn the jihad self-replicating mind-virus that will devour the universe vibes to 11.

The whole process is beautiful and awe-inspiring in a way that makes a mouthless part of you shriek with horror, like a plague of locusts, piles of deformed skulls in Paris’ catacombs or the last 10 seconds before the heat death of the universe Bauhaus emptiness of a De Chirico painting.

Ricardo Tobar – Eleven

Get Red Sea from Correspondant Records.