Tropical Frieze

Group Rhoda return to these pages with the most excellent Minimal Synth Bossa Nova jams.

Trespass does what Group Rhoda does so well and weaves multiple disparate moods together into a beguiling whole.  Her vocals, as always, at once deadpan and almost operatic.  Like locking into a piercing stare while the world explodes into colour in your peripheral vision.  Layered underneath, a haunting minimal synth track; as much South American as Near Eastern.  Swirling, sparse and hypnotic.  And finally a spare drum machine that manages to be super minimal and absolutely banging at the same time.

Group Rhoda – Trespass

Trespass is the first track off Group Rhoda’s album Wilderless.  You can get it digitally or on vinyl from her Bandcamp, right here.

Finally, we have a bonus video in the form of Brenna Murphy’s work with Visible Cloaks.  The sounds are a mix of Visible Cloaks Reassemblage  and parts of their forthcoming Lex (which we’ll write more about soon).  The visuals are a form of RGB Brutalism with scant regard for ambient occlusion and global illumination.  They’re reminiscent of early digital animation and late 70s video synthesiser work.  But whereas that early work was often defined by rigid, mathematical movement, Murphy’s work foregrounds the human hand as we see abstract pattens painted across the screen in real time.

It’s also trippy as fuck so you should watch it.