Here we Stomp

Here we stomp, sucked into a dance vortex after our participation in Helena Hauff’s Printworks revival, an injection of dark Latin American body music and too many videos of Boiler Room mixes, bodies swinging vacant and pure like phantoms in a Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore reenactment.

Mexican motorik-tek duo Zombies in Miami are the right guides for this trip: They make Kosmische disco that soars to elysian heights like a Lindström and Prins Thomas’ solar glider, but replacing all our Norwegian patrons’ elegance and glamour with muscle and danger: the shadows projected over this dancefloor are not eagles or machines of loving grace, but carrion birds ready to feast on the souls of whoever’s left standing.

We leave you with two examples today: Fuego, a pure blast of Bostich filth and Odissey (sic), a lurid descent into a 1980s update of HP Lovecraft’s Dreamlands.


Zombies In Miami – El Fuego

Zombies in Miami – Odissey (Original Mix)

Fuego is included in ZiM’s Snake Language EP (in Love on the Rocks); you can find Odyssey in Odissey EP (Suara)