Kalte Steroid

Die Wilde Jagd are too cool to exist. They are too alive (and well dressed) to be Neubauten and too disciplined to be Add (n) to (x). Too organic to be Photek and too robotic to be Deerhunter. We have been listening to their stellar s/t album a lot recently, and wished we could travel with it to the past to play it at 1am at the Do or 13 Monsters. Wah Wah Wallenstein or Jagd auf den Hirsch would have been dancefloor hits there, and Austerlitz would have provided the national anthem for our independence movement.

Yes, we need to talk about Austerlitz, a motorik tune so full of hooks and drops it makes the space-time continuum wobble somewhat whenever it’s played. You know all that distortion in Leia’s holographic message to Obi Wan Kenobi? Some rebels were blasting Austerlitz as they made their last stand against the Imperials. You know Kaneda’s rush towards his date with Tetsuo at Akira’s mausoleum? He was listening to this on the way there, just to get pumped. Can you imagine a football match between Fortuna Duesseldorf and Skynet’s mightiest? This  soundtracked humanity’s last minute comeback to save us from AI’s tyranny and inspire the first planetary conga.   

Just listen to it and see. Because epic… is only a word.

Die Wilde Jagd – Austerlitz

Get the album from Bureau B.