Some Zone, Some Threshold

With two Identity Theft posts in a month it’s almost like the old days,  putting up as many tracks by our favourite bands as we could.  And so here we are (again) with a new track from a new album by Identity Theft.

Reconnaissance Peak is a giddy mix of early-80s Eastern Block spy thriller and tape delayed vocal experimentation.  The noise of the later buried underneath the melodies of the former, like some demon among the spires.  The hissy, drum machine and bass line propelling us on with almost metronomic fervour towards some border checkpoint.  Some zone.  Some threshold.

It’s music that has become strangely comforting.  The bleakness it evokes — cold cyan vistas, brutalist architecture, hollowed out heroes smoking against the night — now seems at least anchored.  In a world of all out information war where post-modernism’s been weaponised, the past’s ennui seems somehow preferable.  A concrete dread rather than a gaseous one.

Identity Theft – Reconnaissance Peak

Reconnaissance Peak is taken from Identity Theft’s album Reconnaissance.  You can get the tape from here or the digital from here.  and you should because it’s very good and very sad but very good.