Coal Face Techno

As is customary in January, we’ll begin the year with the good stuff we missed out on during the last.

Today’s slept-on track comes from Collector.  A reinforced bunker of Techno for these dark times.  While the snares and handclaps are there, they’re  fucked up by everything else in the mix.  Or more accurately, they’re fucked up by the massive bass tone that dominates everything, like a blinding searchlight sweeping across your vision, over and over again.  It’s Techno that embraces Noise, consumes and is, in turn, consumed by it.

This feels like the counterpoint to Gavin Russom’s remorseless, onyx Techno she was putting out as Black Meteoric Star.  Where there the analogue synths (and their distortions) were the glow around which the tracks huddled.  Here any distortion is bleak, industrial and relentless.  You huddle from it, not with it.

Collector – Downtown

This is taken from Collector’s EP, Forced Extraction on Beat Concern.  You can get this now from Beat Concern’s Bandcamp right here.