Three Chords and a 24 Track Loop

Today’s 20JFG is all tape loops and Electroclash source material.  Today’s 20JFG is about Intense Molecular Activity (although, when is it not?).

Made up of Don Hunerberg and Andy Blinx, the duo used snatched studio time (Hunerberg was a studio engineer) to put together a version of NYC Post-punk via synthwave.  Thankfully some Prog got caught up in there somewhere making the whole thing gloriously off kilter.  The loops seemingly coming from different tempos, genres and, to be honest, bands.  Yet when put together it has that DEVO edge, that demonic theatricality that’s always pulling at the threads of the song.

Blurb is the insistent banger:  all time changes and frantic Liquid Liquid drumming, all prog riffs an dry ice synth chords.  And then back again to the three chord riff.  So good that DJ Hell jacked it for Keep on Waiting.

Intense Molecular Activity – Blurb

Blurb is taken from the IMA EP.  An expanded version of which has been reissued by Dark Entries, although this mp3 doesn’t come from that reissue.  You can get the (no doubt superior quality version) direct from Dark Entries, right here.